This is where I hope to build a virtual library of books, movies, articles, posts and links that have that vintage charm to them.

Charming Books
Charming books on charm

Charming Websites: websites that are mainly about charm, grace, style, and the celebrations of elegance
The Proper Lady: A blog celebrating elegance and teaching it to the modern day woman

To be a lady a tumblr site-beautiful sayings, things I remember my Granny always saying to me. These are things tips and tidbits that are the core of being an elegant lady

Elegant Woman A site teaching the the lost art of elegance

Beauty Websites: Websites that celebrate and help you create the vintage style look
Glamour Daze: sweet site that gives tutorials on how to recapture looks of by gone days

Home Decorating and Entertaining:
Glamorous Housewife: Fabulous blog that gives great advice about vintage fashion, parenting, cooking , decorating and entertaining. This blog has the perfect blog of old and new.

Mrs. Lilien: Beautiful blog! wonderful advice on entertaining, personal styling and the home

Sewing and Crafts: Websites for the crafty Vintage girl
Casey Brown Designs: A wonderful wealth of vintage inspiration for the girl who can sew

Free Magazines:
The Party Dress: Amazing free quarterly magazine on entertaining

Just for Laughs
The elegant guide: a collection of videos offering deranged advice for the modern age. Love this site, wish they would put out more videos

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